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The smallest changes we can make in our daily lives will have long-lasting positive results on our environment and on the lives of marine life and sea turtles. 
What we do every day has an impact just like the ripples in the water after throwing a stone.  
Here are some ideas on how you can make a difference that will create a ripple effect. 


Did you know, plastic never decomposes? It does however degrade, breaking into smaller and smaller pieces that remain in the environment forever. The biggest way you can make an impact on not only the sea turtles but our entire planet is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our everyday lives. In Antigua & Barbuda, we are proud to have banned plastic straws and grocery bags. But every one of us, from any corner of the globe, can do more to curb the impact of plastic on our environment. 

Some ideas:

  • Recycle anything you can. Although not all countries have the option to recycle, if yours does, take advantage!

  • Replace plastic items with more eco-friendly options. What about reusable zip baggies instead of the one-time use disposable plastic wraps and baggies.  Try bringing reusable grocery and produce bags, metal straws, reusable to-go mugs with you on your daily travels. 

  • Say NO! Refuse the straw, the plastic bag, the coffee lid, etc. whenever you can go without. 




It is illegal to handle, hunt or harvest sea turtles and their eggs in Antigua.  If you ever witness poaching activities or a turtle in distress, do your part by reporting to local authorities or email us at .




Everyone loves a good party full of balloons, right? Well, the sea turtles sure don’t. Balloons, especially those that are helium-filled, often wind up in our oceans (especially when released close to the coast). Sadly, the waste from balloons can kill for sea turtles and other animals mistaking them for food. For your next party, consider alternatives such as natural confetti and paper decorations such as streamers. 

Check out for more ideas. 




Overfishing and commercial fishing by-catch is a huge threat to our oceans and sea turtles. When choosing to eat seafood, try to be mindful about the origins and practices involved. Check out this handy list of sustainable seafood shopping for more information:





Coral reefs are vital ecosystems to the health of the oceans and to the survival of sea turtles. Sunscreens that contain oxybenzone (Benzophnone-3, BP-3) cause coral bleaching and disrupts coral reproduction and damages its DNA.

When purchasing sunscreen check the label for this ingredient to see if it is reef-safe. 

The Truth About 'Reef Safe' Sunscreen - Consumer Reports



Check out the different ways you can donate to AB Sea Turtle Awareness and our effort to support sea turtle conservation and education.

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