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As a newly established non-profit in Antigua and Barbuda we strive to work closely with people and organizations in our communities. By building these relationships we can further our mission to create awareness for the protection and survival of sea turtles.   We hope to continue developing new friendships throughout the island and foster long lasting relationships.

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Our logo and the artist 

With this logo we wanted to it to reflect the beauty of sea turtles while showcasing the talent of a local artist.  We were put into contact with Sonu Murphy and were thrilled when she agreed to help us with our logo. 


Sonu Murphy, Artist

Living on the beautiful island of Antigua, Sonu, focuses her musings on life and movement in her painting. Stunning sunsets, whimsical fish, playful turtles, stoic octopus, and colorful jellyfish are all brought to life with a strong palette of bold, bright, and harmonious colors. Fascinated by views from the deep and life on the island, she aspires to tell a story with each piece of artwork. Her distinctive personal style communicates vibrancy and joy.

As a child growing up in British Columbia, a place with a rich cultural heritage in first nations art and Canadian artists, Sonu was deeply inspired to create her own visual stories in paint. She works mainly in acrylic paint on canvas, metalwork or reclaimed and recycled wood. She also experiments in ink, creating graphics, tattoo art, and mandala style works. Her artwork varies in size from petite canvas to large murals.

Sonu’s work has been featured in solo and collaborative exhibitions on the island, and can also be found on labels designed for products proudly made in Antigua. When not painting, she spends her time making sand sculptures on the beach with her inspiration, her daughter. 

Contact: | Instagram @SonuMurphy

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