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What to do if you encounter a Sea Turtle

on the Beach? 


If you are taking an evening or night stroll on a beach it is possible you may encounter a turtle looking for the perfect spot to nest.  Here are some tips watch the turtle responsibly.


  1. Stop, quietly steer clear and out of sight of the turtle.  Do not approach her and maintain a good distance, you may scare her from her mission to nest and lay her eggs.

  2. Do not point a flashlight or use flash photography. The light will cause her to return to the sea without completing her mission. If you need light use only an infrered LED light.

  3. Do not touch the turtle or the eggs.  It is illegal to do so and is very dangerous to you and the sea turtles.

  4. If you come across turtle tracks do not disturb them as we can use them to identify the type of turtle and locate the nest.

Please contact us at if you see any nesting turtles, turtles in distress or turtle tracks on the beaches of Antigua.

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